Experience of Years


FIBROCIT has been the market leader in the Benelux for the production and installation of fixed seating solutions for more than 90 years. We offer you a complete service from study, design, over production and installation of the seats. Our technical service is also available with advice on sight lines, positioning, legal standards ... Accessory to the production and installation of fixed seating projects, we can coordinate other aspects of the interior building project, ranging from floor coverings to building platforms, as well as any in-room furniture such as desks, handicapped spaces, etc. FIBROCIT is your partner in your search for the ideal completion of your space. If that means we need to make a seat smaller, or higher, we will do that. Because that is the real meaning of customisation : Your chairs look the same, but they will not be identical. And by following that simple principle they are perfect. You can find our seating solutions in various sectors: CULTURE, EDUCATION, BUSINESS, HOSPITALITY and SPORT. Renovation of existing projects is also part of our service offering.

1920 - 1967
Cinema Bristol Brussel

Cinema Bristol Brussels

Stadsschouwburg Leuven

Theatre of the city Leuven

Grand Theater Goes

Grand Theatre Goes

Cinema Ambassador Brussel

Cinema Ambassador Brussels

Cinema Star Vilvoorde

Cinema Star Vilvoorde


Free University Brussels

Auditorium expo 1958

Auditorium expo 1958

Experience of years


In 1920, Mr. Antony Neuckens founded a company for the import and installation of fibrociment (fibre concrete) plates from Germany. Hence the name FIBROCIT ...

These plates are mainly used as acoustic wall and ceiling coverings for theaters and cinemas. Thanks to his frequent contacts with the vibrant Brussels theater and cinema scene (by 1920 some 100 cinemas are in operation in the Brussels city centre), Mr. Neuckens is asked whether FIBROCIT can also provide comfortable theater and cinema seats. In answer to that question FIBROCIT starts the import and installation of cinema seats, with as first realisation the famous Cinema Agora in Brussels, at that time the largest movie theatre near the Grand Place (2.800 seat capacity in 1 single room). In 1937, FIBROCIT switched from import to production of theater and cinema seats. The factory was located in the rue Masui in Brussels. Following a blaze in the factory in 1941, the entire production capacity went up in flames. As a consequence, FIBROCIT moved to a location in Zuun (Anderlecht) where they built a state-of-the-arts facility with the best production techniques available at that time.

1968 - 1978
Philharmonie am Gasteig München

Philharmonie am Gasteig München 

Europese gemeenschap

European Community

BBL Brussel

Headquarter BBL Brussels

Theaterstoel Aula

 Governementshotel Antwerp

Pentascoop Kortrijk

Pentascope Courtrai

Experience of Years


In April 1968, the family sold its interests to the 'Société Générale', which immediately merged FIBROCIT with the 'Ancienne Sociéte d'Exploitation des Ateliers Stéphane Jasinski', also active in the wood industry.

Almost 2 years later, FIBROCIT is absorbed by the firm 'Kunstwerkstede De Coene' from Courtrai. And after the settlement of the latter, NV Point from Oudenaerde takes over FIBROCIT with a focus on the production and assembly of fixed chairs for theaters, lecture halls, cinemas on the one hand and design and fabrication of designer furniture. Famous projects from this period are the third consecutive FIBROCIT renovation of the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels (1976) as well as the Philharmony in Munich.

1979 - 2014
Paleis voor Schone Kunsten

Palace for Fine Arts Henry Leboeuf hall 

Kleine Zaal Concertgebouw Amsterdam 

Small hall Concert building Amsterdam

Theater Operettenhaus Hamburg

Theater Operettenhaus Hamburg

Erasmus Medisch Centrum Rotterdam

Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam

Holstebro Universiteit Denemarken

Holstebro University Danmark

Congrescentrum Elzenveld Antwerpen

Congrescentrum Elzenveld Antwerp

Aula Maxima KU Leuven

Aula Maxima KU Leuven

Experience of Years


In 1979, FIBROCIT is bought by the Paul Potteau Group and becomes the Benelux market leader in its field.

References from this period include the Amsterdam Concert Hall and the Tivoli Theater in Utrecht. On 20 June 1993, bad luck hits the organisation a second time : a blazing fire destroys the entire company. The complete production unit and stock of finished seats will go up in the flames. Nevertheless, FIBROCIT succeeds in serving all customers in a timely fashion thanks to the team's total commitment. In April 1995 the new factory was finished with an enlarged production area (3500m²) and a new showroom (350m²). The growth is confirmed thanks to a joint venture and a takeover of the seat company Caulier Rompais from Harnes - France in 2006. In July 2007, FIBROCIT merged with De Coene-Decor to NV DC.F. Through the bundling of forces, FIBROCIT could further specialize in its niche sector with the back up of a large company.

2015 -
De Roma Antwerpen

De Roma Antwerp

Stadsschouwburg Groningen

City theatre Groningen

RSB Cinema's Veldhoven (© Bob Kip)

RSB Cinema - Veldhoven - Ciné Lounge - (© Bob

Barco Kortrijk

Barco Courtrai

Universiteit Maastricht

University Maastricht

Sint-Aloysius college Menen

Sint-Aloysius college Menen

TU Delft

TU Delft

Experience of Years


In 2015, FIBROCIT is acquired by Benedict Geers, who previously earned his stripes at JORI, a Belgian manufacturer of high end residential seating furniture. The vision is clear.

With an experienced team, we focus on the production and installation of fixed seating projects in the world of culture, education, business, sports & entertainment and hospitality across Europe. In doing so, FIBROCIT pursues its industrial heritage and benefits from its precious know-how to realize new, unique projects. The added value of FIBROCIT is to apply the existing knowledge to tailor total solutions to the customers. And we take customization very literally : if a chair needs to be higher, lower, deeper or narrower in order to obtain an optimal seating plan, we will do that.

Logo doorheen de jaren



Throughout its 100 years' of history, FIBROCIT has nurtured its image with respect for the time spirit. We gladly provide some impressions.

Starting with the first logo, retrieved from a letter dating back to 1926, mentioning the address in the rue du Croissant in Brussels, to the most recent logo from 2015. Using these logos we can trace back the history of the brand and date the much coveted vintage chairs.

The promotional gifts made of brass were manufactured in Switzerland by the renowned medal makers of Huegenin.

Rare flyers highlighting unique projects, such as the interior decoration of churches. Or warranty slips and add campaigns that appeared in the national press in the Benelux.