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"We care for the future "

Used seating capacity is recovered at end-of-life and production surpluses are upgraded to reusable raw materials. They serve as the starting point for a brand new collection of various interior items.
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"RECLAIMED STUFF" are upcycled products made from a mix of mainly recovered materials and production surpluses.

Our products are sustainable and are also produced by hand in our own workshop.

Because of this short chain and the skills of our craftsmen we can assure you quality, local products.

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"PRECIOUS STUFF" are new products that contribute to a more environmentally friendly extraction of raw materials. Just think of yarns made from marine plastic waste or fabrics with natural fibers.

They are the same products as those you find in the RECLAIMED collection, but made from newly purchased, environmentally friendly materials.

Our PRECIOUS products are made to order. This way we know exactly how much raw material is needed and we keep the residual flows under control.



"VINTAGE STUFF" are unique FIBROCIT armchairs with sufficient historical-cultural value that are ready for a second life. We offer you the chance to cherish some of our exclusive VINTAGE gems.


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